Sub Clubs




Book Club

Hello Book Lovers! Our book club generally meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 11am to intelligently discuss books and enjoy some food. Both casual and serious readers are welcome to join us; I think everyone gets a lot out of this group either way! For more information, check out the Club newsletter or contact Carryn at

Out 'n' About
Out 'n' About usually meets each month to explore local attractions. Last year due to COVID concerns we provided links to virtual events in and around SA Antonio.  Previous in person activities included visits to The San Antonio Botanical Gardens, The Holocaust Museum, Ruby City Contemporary Art Museum, and a Woodlawn Theater production. Look for information each month in our newsletter and calendar.

Daytime Bunco

This group plays bunco on the first Tuesday each month, usually from Sep thru May.

We start at 11:30AM for social time, then eat a potluck lunch, followed by about 3 to 4 rounds of bunco and finish with another short dice game called Left/Right/Center. We end no later than 2:30, but usually more like 2PM. 


Cost to play is $5.00 for Bunco and $3.00 for LRC. Both games are very easy to learn with no strategy, just the luck of the roll.


If you wish to join this fun loving group, please contact Teena Larson at

Nighttime Bunco
Night Bunco is a fun way to eat, socialize and play the dice game of Bunco on evening per month. Not familiar with the game? No problem! If you can read the numbers on a die, you can play. Our group is amazingly helpful and we welcome newcomers. 
You do not have to commit to every month or find a sub if you can’t play. 
For more information contact Anita Skelton at

Reel Time
Meets the third Friday of each month (September-May) to watch a new release movie at various theaters in the San Antonio area.  We try to meet for the first showing of the day and if time permits grab some lunch afterwards to discuss the movie.  Hope you can join us! For more information contact Anita Skelton at

Cooking 101


Are you a chef? Amateur baker?  Do you burn the toast?  Or do you just love to eat?


If any of these apply to you, you're in luck! We thought we'd try something new this year with a virtual cooking class.  Whether you are already a culinary genius or need a few tips in the kitchen, everyone is welcome! We plan to meet once a month via Zoom (or more if desired!) We can rotate "chefs" and have fun together trying out new dishes or even making someone's tried and true favorite family recipes. The ingredient list will be sent out in advance so that everyone is ready to cook on our scheduled day and time.  Come join us today!


 Wine Club


Come join fellow wine lovers once a month as we explore different wine bars in San Antonio.  More info to come!



 Secret Pal Mini Club


 If you love to give and receive gifts, this mini-club is for you! You will each be secretly matched with a Secret Pal and bring a wrapped gift at each monthly program. At the end of the session we will have a big reveal party (so much fun)! Gifts will be $15-$20 per month, plus an additional gift for the reveal party. There will be (2) sessions this year:

  • September – December | Reveal party in January. 

  • February – May | Reveal party end of May. 


Please email Felicia to participate.  (Be as specific as possible to help your pal shop for you!)  Deadline for forms for first session is September 3rd.  Deadline for forms for second session is February 4th.